Miechów Days Cup

The first round of Krakow Moto Gymkhana Championship will the place in Miechów and is connected to Miechów days.

There will be many different activities this day in Miechów and Gymkhana is among them.

Do you love fun? Do you love motorcycles? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, than you must come and ride.

In addition to fun, you will be able to understand, how good your skills really are. Will you be able manage your bike in extreme situation? Do you know, how to ride?

Gymkhana in Krakow is more about fun and is ment for all. Therefore, we well have 3 different categories of motorcycles: below 700 cc, 700 cc and more, cruisers (big "real" bikes).

However, nobody will lose! Participation in Gymkhana is more about your skills and safety, than about win.

Come and try. We know you can!

Место проведения

Małopolskie | Polska


Małopolskie (UTC+01:00) Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb

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